“Each of my design visions are translated into a personalized journey that embodies luxurious comfort and lures you in with each unexpected detail.”

Joseph W McCarter

Principal Designer

About McCarter Design

McCarter Design was established by Joseph W McCarter in 1986 and formerly known as J W McCarter & Associates.

Joseph’s creative approach to design is unique, engaging, and dynamic.

His design process is the culmination of an extensive background in theatrical lighting, architecture, and construction. Joseph’s work is fueled by his passion for creating spaces that truly come to life.

“My signature style is not a ‘look’, it’s a ‘feel’.”

Joseph learned to tell a dynamic story through the use of space while designing theatrical sets in San Francisco.

During this time, he successfully created environments that immediately provided information, inspired feeling, and lured the audience into the moment. This was achieved through great attention to detail and resourcefully maximizing the use of space from all angles.

Joseph’s interior designs do the same, only in this context, the project is not restricted to the confines of a theater.

Now, when crafting designs, Joseph’s creativity and architectural awareness allow him to dream up designs that capture and showcase the unique attributes of his clients, the structure, and the surrounding environment.

With Joseph’s design process, clients feel they are really part of the story.

“My designs ignite a feeling, tell a story, and deliver a personalized expression of luxury in each space.

We will approach your space with an uncommonly wide lens that extends beyond four-wall structures to include the terrain, light, and scale with ability to thoughtfully curate designs that are beautiful from any angle.”

Now, 30 years since McCarter Design launched, Joseph continues to successfully create original designs for clients throughout southern California and as far as Vancouver, New York, New Orleans, & San Francisco.

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What Makes McCarter Design Unique?

Walking into a space designed by Joe is reminiscent of stepping into a story.

As a designer, Joseph is the most inspired when transforming living and work spaces into captivating experiences that begin the moment you set eyes on them.

He approaches each client’s home as a whole, taking into consideration the architectural structure of the space, outside views of the surrounding landscape, lines of sight within the space, and most importantly, how the client uses the space.

By thinking of a home comprehensively, Joseph creates cohesive spaces that connect unique design elements from exterior to interior and room to room…

When you’re ready to make a statement, Joseph’s unique depth of knowledge takes your interior design to the next level, turning the mundane into magic.

Why Theatrical Stage & Lighting Design Theory Matters

According to Shakespeare, “all the world’s a stage…” including the spaces you live and work in.

Joseph’s training is originally in theatrical stage and lighting design, where the stage set is a construct for communicating important information and engaging the emotions of the viewer. To deliver this outcome it takes impeccable planning, great technical expertise, and artistic interpretation.

The stage and lighting designer’s role is critical and the process is incredibly detailed. They support the people on the stage by translating a script into a journey that sweeps the audience into another world.

The sky really is the limit when it comes to stage and set creation; castles, forests, urban cities, and thematic patterns come to life providing information and evoking emotion, often without the audience even realizing its occurring. This can also be achieved with luxury home interior design services.

Lighting in the theatrical world is used to create subtle undercurrents of emotion and to shift moods from comfort or anticipation to wonder, sadness or joy. Lighting design is used to tell a story and unite characters, concepts, and themes together throughout the theater production.

This was Joseph’s world for over a decade.

Now, when he sees a space, he approaches the design process with the creativity, technical expertise, and experience of a successful stage and lighting designer.

Joseph is an expert in transforming your space or ideas into a scene from his imagination.

Every detail is considered, whether that be the species of wood used to build your custom furniture piece or the finish of the paint on your bathroom cabinets. Joseph thinks about how every aspect within the visual realm of the space relates to one another, how it transforms during the day versus under artificial lighting at night, and how you feel within the space.

What to expect when working with Joseph McCarter

Joseph loves his work, it’s his craft.

His mission is to blend practicality in design with personality… he wants to know you so that he can create in ways that resonate and represent you.

Joseph is easy going and believes that the design process should be enjoyable. He’s a dedicated professional who you can count on to hear you, help you, and always give his very best.

When not working on projects he fills his time with the things he loves in life; traveling, studying architectural and architecture/design books, spending time with his dogs and spoiling his grandchildren.

Joseph W McCarter

Tell Us More About Your Inspirations

Your home is your sanctuary, and Joe feels his job is not done until you are absolutely in love with it!

It is our goal to design luxury home styles that make you want to be at home and continue to engage your senses and emotions for years to come.

Please take a moment to tell us more about your project, so we can learn about your personal preferences and design goals.

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