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Luxury Interior Designer & Consultant

Working with a luxury interior designer elevates your home to the next level of beauty and comfort.

We collaborate with you to create luxurious, yet livable designs for your home while serving as your partner to effectively manage the entire design process.

We are trained to handle all design tasks from the highly creative, to the mostly mundane to ensure that your luxury interior design project proceeds smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. After all, design should be inspiring and enjoyable, not exhausting and overwhelming.


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Tell a Beautiful Story with the Design of your Home Interior

Joseph W. McCarter‘s distinctive approach to design begins with a view of your home as a complete whole, taking into consideration essential elements such as architecture, surrounding landscape, sightlines scale, and most importantly, your lifestyle.

By approaching the design process comprehensively, Joseph creates cohesive, purposeful spaces that connect unique design elements from interior to exterior and room to room. Every project is designed specifically to tell a story inspired by each client’s unique and distinctive tastes.

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Interior, Exterior and Lighting Design for Luxury Residences and Beyond!

“I strive to inspire each client with unique and distinctive design ideas and then transform those ideas into a personalized journey for the client…a creative journey that leads to beautiful spaces infused with luxurious comfort, and designed to delight the senses with thoughtful and unexpected details”

– Joseph W McCarter, Principal Designer

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Reviews of McCarter Design

Joe’s background in set design is reflected in the imaginative and unique approach he brings to his projects. Joe’s work for his clients incorporates their personalities and lifestyles. Joe is detailed, client-oriented and innovative. His use of materials to both reflect and enhance his clients’ spaces and his custom design work is unsurpassed in the industry. He designs every room with the heightened level of detail his clients expect of an accomplished professional. Joe is a true visionary.

– Nune Richards


Working with J W McCarter on a series of commissions I created for a yacht they completely renovated was such a pleasure. They were prompt and professional on every aspect of the project. There designs are innovative and classic. I would highly recommend working with the team on your renovation needs.

– Kari Powell Art & Design


What are the Benefits of High End Interior Designers?

Trade-Only Access

Get access to unique products and materials only available to designers

Complete Customization

Customize everything in your home to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic.

Designer’s Eye

Work with someone with experience and training in design principles such as scale, color theory, and space planning.

Industry Experience

Design is a lot of work. Let us take care of managing your project to avoid costly mistakes.

High Quality Items

We know quality when we see it. We work with you to get the best quality for the best price

Enjoy the Process

Designing your home should be exciting, not stressful. We take on the stress so you can focus on the fun stuff.

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Selecting the best and local interior designers for your project can be complicated.

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"My designs ignite a feeling, tell a story, and deliver a personalized expression of luxury in each space." - Joseph W. McCarter, Principal Designer

McCarter Design offers a full range of interior design services whether you are building your home from the ground up, or just refreshing your space. With over 30 years of experience as an interior designer in San Diego, there is no project Joe cannot tackle. Armed with creative vision, an eye for scale, and countless resources for products and finishes, Joseph McCarter is ready to help you bring your home’s luxury interior design dream to life.
You can create a beautiful space, but it really comes to life with the proper lighting. McCarter Design has extensive lighting design experience based in theatrical and production lighting. An up-lit bar counter top, perfectly curated art lighting, or a gorgeous hanging chandelier makes a great design become an outstanding one. McCarter Design offers everything from reflected ceiling plans, electrical plans, custom fixture design, fixture selection, and installation management.
Exterior spaces are a huge part of the design of your home. Not only do you see the exterior landscape outside all of your windows, but you also want to enjoy being outdoors on a beautiful patio or walking through your flower gardens. McCarter Design not only takes these spaces into account when designing interiors, but offers exterior landscape design services ranging from outside furniture, garden design, exterior lighting, and more.

What to Expect Working with a Luxury Designer

This is very much a team project, so open communication is key.

Depending on your scope of work, we work directly with you, your architect, contractor, and the various subcontractors to make your design complete.

Including all team players in the process early will only help mitigate costly changes and mistakes along the way and ensure your design vision becomes a reality.

McCarter Design’s mission is to blend practicality in design with personality… he wants to know you so that he can create in ways that resonate and represent you. He is easy going and believes that the design process should be enjoyable.

Joseph is a dedicated professional who you can count on to hear you, help you, and always give his very best. We hope you will schedule time to talk with one of the best interior designers in San Diego / SoCal for lighting design, architectural space planning, and new home design projects.

Joseph W McCarter

What is the Process when I Hire an Interior Designer?

Conceptual Ideas and Image Boards – We will start with conceptual ideas and image boards to get a feel for your aesthetic. We will also discuss functionality of your space per room including what plumbing and electrical needs you have depending, on how you’d like to use the space.

Select Materials – We’ll work with you to select materials, finishes, and fixtures such as plumbing fixtures, flooring, wall materials, countertop materials, paint colors, and any architectural elements such as beams, ceiling design, doors, windows, columns, and more.

Develop Custom Drawings – We’ll also work with you to develop custom cabinetry drawings including closets and any built-in cabinetry or entertainment units you may desire.

Manage Purchasing and Installation – We’ll select and manage purchasing and installation of all decorative fixtures including lighting, hardware, rugs, furniture, window coverings, wall coverings, accessories, and art.

Luxury interior designers strive to be very involved in learning your lifestyle, to effectively match your home interiors with your personal inspirations. We’ve found that working with a designer, alongside your architect for new home builds, creates even more opportunity for creativity.

Luxury Interior Designer in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and More!

McCarter Design is a luxury interior design firm with over 30 years of experience in the field. Although based in San Diego, CA we also service Orange County, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Palm Springs, CA, and more.

Joseph McCarter has created original high end home designs for local interior design clients throughout southern California and as far as Vancouver, New York, New Orleans, & San Francisco.

If you live in San Diego County, for example; Carlsbad, Oceanside, Carmel Valley, Del Mar Heights, Torrey Pines, or La Jolla we serve your areas frequently and would be happy to setup an appointment in person.

Schedule an in-person meeting with the form above or reach out to meet with our luxury interior design firm to review your design inspirations.

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