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Luxury Yacht Designs that Feel Like Home

We’ll work with you to design a boat interior that truly feels like home, even when you’re hundreds of miles off the coast!

Joseph W. McCarter‘s unique design philosophy maximizes the full potential of a yacht’s interior and exterior space from the moment you walk aboard.


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Our Modern Yacht Design Ideas Make an Impression!

Our yacht interior designers create custom experiences for your yacht that anticipate needs at sea and reflect your personal style.

Joseph’s design process showcases your yacht’s interior to make a statement. All who come on board will feel well cared for and wowed.

We’re excited to learn about your yacht design vision. Let us transform your yacht interior into the perfect home away from home!

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VIDEO: Recent Yacht Interior Design by Joseph W McCarter

View a behind the scenes video with Joseph explaining his complex role as the yacht interior designer on the project.

The inspiration for many of the boat’s design elements on this yacht came from the Art Deco and Ruhlman design styles. Clean and crisp materials were used to open up and lighten the space, which is an important aspect in yacht or sailboat interior design, due to the tight area and low ceilings.

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"Enjoy the same luxury and comforts of home, while out to sea." - Joseph W. McCarter, Principal Designer

Main salon of 112′ luxury fishing yacht

Contemporary and updated wheelhouse of luxury yacht

California deck design

Custom yacht galley with art deco backsplash tile

Main salon of hybrid luxury fishing yacht design

Mega Yacht and Sailboat Designs that Impress

As Yacht Interior Designers, it is our goal to make your boat’s interior and exterior feel like a modern luxury yacht that will impress your guests as well as keep them comfortable.

Our interior design firm specializes in discovering your personal style and creating a space that fits “you”. We want to help you come up with yacht interior design ideas that are not only designed to be luxurious at sea, but are also designed to make you feel like you’re at home. Contact us to get started with one of the top yacht interior designers in the San Diego area.

Yacht Interiors – Marine Grade and Movement Friendly

Principal Designer, Joseph W McCarter, will always keep in mind that yacht interior design materials must be resistant to moisture and marine grade.

This is an important factor in every yacht design we accomplish and can be a fun challenge to find unique materials that are still useful in a sailboat or yacht when exposed to ocean elements. Using rounded edges on tables and corners also help save people from bumps and bruises during a rough journey with functional boat interior design.

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“When developing interior designs for yachts and sailboats, I learn the most about my client’s inspiration by discussing their home design as well as their functional needs. Creating a yacht design incorporates many factors to create a luxurious environment that are not always obvious.”


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