Tuscan Style Horse Farm in Santa Ysabel, CA

Although constructed in a typical Tuscan style, unusual details such as rustic stone, ironwork, and an astronomy tower dot the exterior with European charm. The grand entry and veranda to the second level are reminiscent of Tuscan estates, while the hand selected burls and branches of the Manzanita wood railings instantly create a sense of informality and fun.

Wood and stone make up the majority of the materials used in this home, so to make things interesting, the flooring in each room is laid in a different format than the next. Copper and bronze metal make their way into the design to balance the warmth of the wood and leave a hint of sparkle where you least expect it.

One of the most notable features of the home is the incredible reclaimed wooden plank countertop adorning the island. This piece makes quite the statement in the room, as you can’t help but touch the textured grain when you walk by.

As you wander about the beautiful stone bathrooms, upper level art studio, and beautiful exterior grounds, you continue to discover details you may not have noticed before. A perfect blend of luxury and fun make this Tuscan ranch a special home on the hillside.


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