Spanish Hacienda in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

You can almost smell the rich mahogany wood and tanned leather as you lounge among one of the velveteen arm chairs in the living room of this magnificent hacienda. Already decorated in the traditional Spanish style, Joseph McCarter was contracted to update the lighting and accessories for this home.

With such an open floor plan, each room in this home had several different uses ranging from dining, to entertaining, to reading and relaxing. McCarter thereforeĀ designed for both full light activities and soft, evening light in many of the spaces. Recessed lighting, chandeliers, table lamps, and sconces all provide different levels of lighting to achieve this, while still showcasing the beautiful wooden beams and ceiling details.

Mixed mediums such as wood, glass, and metal were all combined in unique ways to preserve the traditional Spanish style. The blending of several elements in one fixture helps find balance between hard and soft materials and formal and casual feel. And as you walk through the space you can sense this balance, as you experience a feeling of formality, yet something continues to invite you in.


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