Private Traditional Theater in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Before you even enter this traditional theater, you walk through the grand library and down into a sitting room designed to resemble a Parisian cafe. Trembleau murals of a beautiful European city scape adorn the walls as you pause for a glass of wine before the show. Custom lamp post light fixtures help set the mood and prepare you for an evening of elegance.

The actual theater sits 60 feet underground and functions as a private traditional theater for plays and performances hosted by the owner of the property. Inspiration for this design came from the magnificent Pantages Theater and Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles, CA.

Take time to look up because the elaborate ceiling in this space was meticulously and beautifully designed. Crushed red velvet curtains and deep brown leather seats ground the space, while lighter tones and the brilliant illumination from the chandelier open up the ceiling making it seem even more expansive. The impressive custom designed chandelier ascends toward the ceiling as the curtains raise for a performance, but descends toward the guests while the curtains are down, allowing the audience to get a closer look at the detail.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy as you soak up the rich elegance of this theater.