Design Inspirations for a Luxury Kitchen Remodel 

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home.

It is the gathering place for friends and family alike, where the sharing of a meal, a glass of wine, or a simple snack and conversation brings everyone together and warms from the outside-in. 

A kitchen upgrade serves more than one purpose. Not only does it improve your living experience and hosting abilities, but it greatly increases your property value as well. Upgrading from a standard to luxury kitchen is an investment in your livelihood—both in the now and down the road financially.

To inspire your own upgrade, we’re serving up some of the hottest luxury kitchen remodeling trends our designers are seeing right now. 


1. Engineered Hardwood Floors

Kitchen flooring sets the literal stage for this room to shine. One of the most popular luxury kitchen trends we are currently seeing is engineered wood flooring—in particular, using this flooring option as a replacement for vinyl or natural wood flooring. 

While vinyl can appear less “luxurious” and peel overtime, and natural wood can be prone to drying out, rotting, and warping, engineered hardwood gives the look and feel of real hardwood minus the maintenance concerns. Engineered hardwood is manufactured by using fiberboard for the subsurface layers. Fiberboard is durable and resilient to moisture, making it a more affordable, eco-friendly, and wise choice for a luxury kitchen remodel. 

2. Double Kitchen Islands

The standard kitchen island is, well, standard—but a double island is a sure statement-maker if you’re looking for a luxury remodel. Homes with enough space for two islands should consider placing them parallel to one another to add more functionality and personality to your kitchen design. 

When adding a second island, you can keep the style uniform, or branch out with an accent cabinet color and complementary countertop materials for a more dramatic look. 

3. Hand-Painted Walls

While most of the focus in a kitchen is on cabinet color, countertops, and flooring, the walls are not to be forgotten. Hand-painted kitchen walls create a unique and elevated look for any kitchen upgrade. Paint is a fresh option for creating a new look—even if you’re looking to not do a total overhaul on your space. The hand-painted trend in particular has reemerged as a more timeless and unique alternative to laminate and wallpaper, freshening up the look of your space and leveling-up the luxury. Patterns and texturized painting both help to elevate your kitchen walls.

4. Gold Finishes and Hardware

If you’re looking to achieve a luxury aesthetic without a complete remodel, there’s no better way to do it than with gold finishes—think gold faucets, cabinet knobs and handles, light switch plates, sinks, and other hardware. 

Adding a pop of gold is a bold way to switch up the look of your kitchen, giving it an elevated feel with a rather minimalistic solution. 


Build a Luxury Kitchen with These Hot Remodeling Trends

Elevating your standard situation to a luxury kitchen has never been easier. From small updates such as replacing your hardware, to updating flooring and adding another kitchen island, there is a wide range of refurbishment options to bring your kitchen to the level of luxury you love and deserve. 

Not only will these updates level-up your living situation, kitchen improvements have been shown to raise the value of your home. Get started with your kitchen remodel with expert advice from our designers—that’s what we’re here for. Contact us today to learn more about elevating your kitchen for a luxury remodel look and feel that is uniquely yours.  

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