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They say don’t judge a book by its cover – yet who can’t be swept away by beautiful imagery or colors on the front of a novel and then select their reading material accordingly? The same storybook concept is true with an entryway to your home.

When walking into any house, the entryway is the cover of the novel, the setting of the story of your home. Your entrance sets all preconceived notions aside and upon entry you are part of the story.

The entryway is an often forgotten about part of the home, yet one that easily brings surprise and delight to all who enter. It sets the stage for the rest of the home’s interior design.


How Doorway Designs Bring Life To Your Home

In this article, read our tips from professional interior designers on how doorways bring life and pleasure to each entryway, creating a space that brings forth the essence of your home to all who enter.

We have five recommendations on how to improve your entryway based on our experiences working with luxury clientele estates.


1. Showcase Art Collections

The entryway is the perfect space to display artwork collections, as they will be easily appreciated by all who enter. Here, the wrought wood of the staircase railing plays off the horse sculpture for a sense of whimsy in the space. The sculpture seems to inspire the rest of the space, and the staircase then becomes a piece of art within itself.

Displaying art is also a great way to make use of an otherwise easy to pass through space, begging one to pause in wonder at your pieces or even a greater collection.

2. Bring in the Natural Light

Impressive two story entry with custom light fixtures

Natural light and a bright and airy space is a welcoming and refreshing way to open up your home – not to mention, can boost your mood. Plenty of windows and glass doors are two ways to invite in the sun.

This impressive, two story entryway features custom light fixtures and oriental artwork inspired by global travels, just begging to be shown off. Natural light seems to pour in from every angle from double doors and false balconies from above, and streams through ornate etched glass in the stately front door.

The gold details in the art is illuminated by the flow of light from the windows and doors. To let in the light yet maintain privacy, frosted glass doors are a great option.

4. Tend to the Landscaping

Beautiful Moorish style arches and columns on a California estate

Beautiful Moorish style arches and columns on this California estate create a luxe entryway to the home.

Just as the entryway interior is important to pay attention to, so is the outdoor area leading to the front door. Entryways consist of both indoor and outdoor elements which play off one another to set the stage for your home.

Landscaping is the perfect way to set the stage for an impressive home. In the case of this Moroccan-inspired California estate, a walkway guides guests past an impressive water feature and through a palm forest dotted with tropical flowers to the doorway.

Paying attention to exterior details can set the tone for an elegant yet welcoming home.

In this design stonework creates a large courtyard-style entrance to this craftsman-style California home. A handful of well-placed trees softens the look while bringing in elements of life into the space. Small gardens line the pathway to guide guests toward the front door, and ivy climbs the wall for an enchanted, fairytale feel.

4. Shine with Stained Glass

Just as displaying art in the entryway is a good idea, the door itself can be transformed into a work of art with stained glass. From simplistic to ornate, there is a level of color for everyone and every style and taste. The first entryway features large glass panes sparsely dotted with colored diamonds of stained glass, while the second is a tropical scene featuring foliage and even a parrot in the upper panels.

5. Stately Regal Stonework

For an impressive entryway, stonework from the walls of the home itself extending down onto the walkway and driveway creates a proud and stately look. A frosted glass door adds privacy while allowing natural light to shine inside, while large wooden doors are reminiscent of a noble, old time castle. Bring life to the exterior with potted plants strategically placed about the entryway to welcome others home.


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Entryways are no longer a space to just to add to the end of your home design to-do list. They set the stage for your home, welcome guests and your family into the space. Contact us to speak with a luxury interior designer today.

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