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Joseph McCarter

The salty tang in the air, bright sunshine on your face, the light sound of seagulls and gentle lapping of the wake. Is this paradise? Or just life on a yacht?

Life on a boat is one of the best luxuries available. But with the proper elements, you can take it even more to the next level and seriously impress your guests with the amenities.

Yacht life is not just a home floating on the sea, but a gathering space for friends and family, to come together on the open ocean, for fishing, fun, and relaxation. In our custom yacht interior designs, we focus on the function and design best equipped for entertaining on the water. 

Use these 4 tips to create an extra impressive environment when you cast off in style!


Design Ample Outdoor Living Spaces

Part of the joys of being on the water is lounging outside with the sun on your skin and the fresh sea air in your lungs. Soak up the sunshine and enjoy the salty air with ample outdoor space for lounging and dining.

A long, L-shaped sectional allows for plenty of seating on the top deck of this yacht. All-weather cushions can withstand the elements while providing comfortable lounging. The modular coffee table is easily maneuverable to ensure everyone has space to set down their beverage of choice. This sectional design tucks neatly into the corner next to the rail, giving an appearance of more space on the deck to wander and reduces crowding.

Dining at sea is more enjoyable with a long marine-grade wooden table in the middle of the top deck. With enough seating for ten, this table becomes the gathering space, inviting meals and  conversation long into the evening.



Feature An In-Yacht Bar

Take the party indoors with your very own bar-at-sea.

A central feature in any gathering, this bartop is lit from beneath, bringing a pleasing blue glow to the room for a touch of Art Deco design and creative lighting that complements the rest of the interior design while really standing out. The walk-behind bar design provides ample out-of-sight storage for alcohol and accessories, while a receding counter means there is plenty of space for any budding mixologist to play. 

Steel barstools contrast beautifully with the wood grain found throughout the rest of the space and invite guests to pull up a seat and stay awhile. Nearby, a fixed wooden table and booth with funky, contrasting cushioning adds interest and even more guest accommodation to the space so there is truly room for everyone to enjoy their maritime beverages during the happiest of hours. 



Entertain with A Modern Galley

A nourishing, delicious meal is the epicenter of any social gathering out on the open ocean.

Imagine preparing the catch of the day in a spacious galley outfitted with all the fixings of the ultimate chef’s kitchen including a large refrigerator and freezer, multiple dishwashers, plenty of storage space for food and dishes, ovens, and a stove. The stovetop is even fit with guardrails to ensure there are no pans slip-sliding when the waves toss about. Now that is luxury!

When designing the galley, tilework along the backsplash becomes the focal point of the room. In this design, contrasting pieces create an Art Deco-style look with contrasting modern cabinetry and sleek, stainless steel appliances.

Whether you plan to cook in the kitchen or hire a chef, a stand-out galley is key to any yacht fit for entertainment. 


Restful and Artistic Staterooms

Think of peaceful, relaxing elements and colors when designing sleep spaces at sea.

Spa-like decor was the initial inspiration for this master bedroom while the sea served as a muse for the accompanying art. Wooden detailing in the artwork mirror the built-in wooden dresser, keeping with the design theme throughout the boat. Soft cream colors on the wall and vertical lines in the wallpaper give the illusion of height—crucial for a smaller, low-ceilinged space. A deep teal blanket and a starfish-adorned throw pillow round out the ocean’s inspiration without being garish. 

The other staterooms on this vessel feature the same vertical-stripe wall paper to elongate the room, and a soft spa-like color palate is restful on the eyes. Pops of ocean blues and sea-themed artwork add interest and elevate the space. Rest easy!


How to Better Entertain Guests on Yacht

Visit our yacht interior design page to learn more about how we design unique spaces based on our clients style, and specially crafted for use on the water.

For more design inspiration, be sure to view our portfolio.

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