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Joseph McCarter

Why head out when the latest happening bar just so happens to be inside your own home?

At-home bars and wine cellars are two of the latest interior design trends we are seeing for high-end luxury homes. Having your own bar-inspired space can increase the value of your home while providing entertainment perfect for avid collectors, wine enthusiasts, and gathering hosts. 

From living room corners to small closets to entire designated rooms, there are many designs of bars and wine cellars in your home to perfectly suit your style of drinks.

Upgrade your at-home happy hour with these tips for raising the bar inside your own home. 


First, Determine Size & Location of Bar

Having an at-home bar or wine cellar can take up as little—or as much—space as you would like. Look to the edges of your family room, the basement gathering area, a closet, or a full room in its entirety. No matter what size of room you are working with, there is a style of bar or wine cellar suited for you. 

Sleek cabinetry and a luminous granite countertop make this more than just a sidebar. Tucked into the back wall of a contemporary in-home theater, this bar stands out without taking up space in the room. Showcase glassware in glass-front cabinets above which neatly contrast with the gray-painted doors below. This at-home bar offers plenty of storage and counter space while complimenting—not competing with — the room itself.


Second, Give Your Collection a Home

The style of collector you are can influence the final design of the bar of your dreams. This European-style craftsman home has a full at-home bar, that is perfect for the mixologist. A walk-in design, ample countertops and storage space for alcohol are key design features. The small refrigerator, wine cooler, a sink, and an ice maker bring everything you need to host right at your fingertips. 

Comfortable seating and leather barstools bring the party home, inviting guests to stay a while. Whether you’re hosting a few or throwing a party, the night begins and ends at this at-home bar. 


For the wine enthusiast or budding sommelier, a walk-in wine cellar complete with a seating area for tastings brings the magic of the winery to the comfort of your home. Racks and wine coolers hold your collection while showcasing your favorites from around the world. A sturdy wooden table and chairs in the center of the room are perfect for gathering guests. Hosting tastings have never felt so elegant.


Third, Bring Together Family & Friends

An at-home bar or wine cellar is the perfect space to host intimate gatherings of friends, family, and neighbors. Forget the hassle of ordering with a waiter, relish in having no last call, and relax in the peace of your own space—where no noisy patrons sitting one table over can impact your evening. 


How to Improve At-Home Bar Design

Working with a Home Interior Designer will help you make the most of your space and create the perfect bar or wine cellar for you. Looking for more inspiration? View our portfolio

Reach out and let’s see how we can help your home design!

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