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During a recent visit to the Napa Valley, Joseph McCarter, our Principal designer had the opportunity to enjoy well-deserved leisure time at the Castello di Amorosa winery. The impressive and beautiful Castello di Amorosa is an authentically styled 13th century Tuscan castle that was painstakingly designed and built, over the course of 15 years, utilizing actual medieval construction techniques.

Paying a visit to Castello de Amorosa is like stepping back in time to a bygone era, rich with a unique history and distinctive architecture, that has significantly shaped and influenced the design of many Napa Valley wineries.


Inspired by Napa Valley Style at a Young Age

Joseph experienced the Napa lifestyle at a young age when the wine business in this fertile valley was enjoying a quickly developing renaissance. His family traveled from Vancouver to Napa and then eventually on to San Diego, finally settling in the Rancho Santa Fe area. He fondly remembers how the ever-expanding California wine country used to look with it’s simple wood-siding and brick structures, and rustic, country style. How times have changed!

Tuscan Style Castle Winery in Napa, California


Interior design in Napa now involves impressive, contemporary and unusual structures infused with a variety of architectural styles. Common are design “blends” that combine the traditional with contemporary, mid-century modern with minimalism, and every style in between.

Not only is incredible architecture and design on display in Napa, art is ubiquitous and often placed prominently at the forefront of many wineries. Of course, Napa, like many wine growing regions around the world, is home to many gorgeous Tuscan-style wineries that through their design transport visitors to the gently rolling hills of the Italian countryside.


Castello di Amorosa – Authentic Design

The standout Tuscan-style winery in Napa Valley is Castello di Amorosa. This structure gives new meaning to the phrase “authentic reproduction” and is built with such painstaking precision and attention to detail that, at first glance, it is difficult to ascertain if the structure is actually an ancient relic or masterfully designed and constructed to appear as such.

Gargoyle and Castle Tower Inspiration

In medieval times, a castle that was battered during war would be rebuilt using stone harvested from the surrounding area or ruins. The stones were hand-carved, honed and sized to rebuild the remains of the existing structure but they were rarely uniform in color, texture, size and shape.

This lack of uniformity created an interesting stonework tapestry that is naturally appealing in its artistry, originality and history. This medieval method of stonework construction is what makes Castello di Amorosa so authentically beautiful.

The architectural craftsmanship (dare I say wizardry) demonstrated in this structure is beyond impressive and increasingly rare nowadays, understandably so when you consider that a myriad of manufactured, faux stone veneer and other decorative building materials are readily available, ever more affordable and frequently selected for ease and simplicity.

Few wineries or homes are designed and built with the level of detail and authenticity that Castello di Amorosa exhibits.


Napa Wineries Inspiration for Home Design

Throughout his career Joseph has created wonderfully detailed and intricate designs for many clients across a wide spectrum of design and architectural styles. When speaking about his design experience with custom wineries and wine cellars, Joseph recalls his favorite private wine cellar project.

This particular wine cellar began as a proposed “garage to wine cellar” conversion and evolved into a 3 level wine enthusiast’s entertainment pavilion with a circular dining room, massive bar, dedicated wine room, subterranean champagne grotto, terraced gardens (including grape vines of course!) and outdoor entertainment area. Joseph’s design for this project, from the scale, to the shape of the structure, and selection of building and finish materials was inspired by his travels, passion for history and architectural design—and of course the varied and unique Napa winery design styles.



Authentic Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends are forever changing, but authentic design is timeless because it provides a connection to originality, craftsmanship, ingenuity and artistry.

The old world, Italian Tuscan castle designs are a popular choice for wineries and estate residences for a reason. Their appeal is in the authenticity of the design that is entwined with original purpose and history. Authentic designs like that of Castello di Amorosa are what give a winery, or any other special design project a considerable wow-factor.

The amazing attention to detail that is integral to its design and construction is what makes a visit to Castello di Amorosa so memorable. If you ever find yourself dreaming of what your own private wine cellar would look like, contact our luxury interior designers so we can help make your dreams a reality!


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