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Joseph McCarter

The smell of popcorn, cushy seats, and a blockbuster on the screen – a trip to the movies is one of life’s little pleasures. But what if you could bring the joy of the theater into the comfort of your own home?

Forget the lines and other people texting and talking. Enjoy your favorite movies right at home with your own in-home movie theater. 

Designing the ultimate home theater requires a few key elements for comfort and functionality. Here are 3 ways to bring the essence of a trip to the movies inside your house, inspired by our contemporary in-home theater and craftsman-style theater designed by Joseph W McCarter

Home Theater Design with Carved Wood Panels

1. Comfortable and Functional Seating 

Settle into your own leather recliner and kick up your feet, for what is a theater without comfortable seating to sink into? In this home theater, there is plenty of space and seating to gather the family or close friends for a movie night.  

A combination of individual recliners and loveseats allows you to sit solo or snuggle up to your loved one as the movie plays on. And, if you’re looking for a dinner theater experience, a long table with barstools all facing the screen gives you the perfect spot to enjoy a meal complete with entertainment. 

Craftsman style home theater with acoustical wall panels and custom lighting

For a slightly smaller space, this craftsman-style theater features deep, single recliner chairs in two rows to seat eight moviegoers. The third row differs, bringing a long high-top table and barstools into the room for dine-in entertainment.

A home interior designer can help you make the most of your theater’s space to maximize areas for seating and assist with the best seating options to suit your comfort and needs. 


2. Refreshment Area for In-Home Movie Theater

Popcorn and wine are the delicacies of the night. Serve up your favorite snacks at your in-home bar—it’s like having a refreshment stand inside your own movie theater.

This bar boasts a sleek granite countertop and backsplash with plenty of space to mix up a cocktail or lay out a snack spread. Notice how the bar itself is tucked back into the wall—this non-intrusive design style keeps it out of the way while still being a functional focal point in the back of the theater. 

Storage is key with any in-home bar. The gray cabinetry contrasts beautifully with the dark of the granite for visual interest while offering plenty of storage space to tuck things away, while the glass door cabinets on top offer a great place to showcase art, glassware, or your liquor collection. 


3. Set the Mood with Theater Lighting 

Home Theater Lighting

Create a cozy or seductive space with lighting. When thinking of lighting for your own theater, remember having options is important. Soft house lights illuminate from overhead while inviting in theater-goers to come in and find their seats. Adjustable, dimmable lighting is an important feature as to not take away from your movie-going experience. 

Accent lighting adds more visual interest when the lights dim. Turn down the lights and let custom wall sconces with cherry-red shades offer a sultry glow. These softer lighting features won’t detract from the glow of your favorite movie on the screen, but offer subtle lighting about the theater—which is especially key if you need to get up to refill your wine.  

Other areas with discreet lighting can compliment the style and overall look and feel of your space. In this luxe theater, the bar is illuminated by a golden wash from the glass-fronted cabinets, which is subtle enough to leave on in case you or your guests need to move about while the house lights are off. In the theater below, house lights are offset by fixtures recessed into the wood molding above, casting a romantic glow on the room. The back table is illuminated by whimsical animal lamps, bringing an element of character into the space. 


Personalized Home Movie Theater Designs

Craftsman style home theater with acoustic wall panels and custom lighting

There are many ways to personalize an in-home movie theater for a custom movie-going experience in the comfort of your own home. Contact us to speak with a luxury interior designer today.

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